Scillas are available mid September thru December. There are 2 major kinds of Scillas, one is the Siberica and the other group used to be called Campanulata is now called Hispanica. Call the office for availability 1 800 999 0567.


Scilla Size Bulbs/ Box Price/ box
mixed colors      
Scilla Hispanica Mixed 8/10 250 $65.00

Scilla Campanulata Blue

Scilla Hispanica Blue  8/10 100 $36.00

Scilla Campanulata Pink

Scilla Hispanica Pink 8/10 100 $36.00

Scilla Campanulata White

Scilla Hispanica White 8/10 100 $36.00

Scilla siberica

Scilla Siberica Blue 8/9 250 $60.00

Scilla Siberica Alba

Scilla Siberica Alba 8/9 250 $62.50

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