Paperwhites are in the Narcissus family and are available from mid September until  January

These Narcissi can planted indoor and will bloom in 6 -9 weeks or can be planted outdoors in zones 6-10.

Our Super Paperwhites have bigger bulbs, which means more stems per bulb and bigger blooms. Also this variety has a milder fragrance.

Item Size Units Price
 Narcissus Erlicheer
Elicheer 15/up 50 $0.79
 Narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or
Grande Soleil D’Or 15/up 50 $0.79
 Narcissus Inbal
Paperwhite Inbal 15/16 100 $0.79
 Paperwhite Ziva
Paperwhite Ziva 16/up 50 $0.79
Paperwhite Ziva 16/up 100 $0.69
Paperwhite Ziva 16/up 250 $0.67
Paperwhite Ziva 14/15 350 $0.54
Paperwhite Ziva 15/16 300 $0.59
 super paperwhite
Super Paperwhites 19/up 25 $1.19
Super Paperwhites 19/up 50 $1.09
Super Paperwhites 19/up 200 $0.99
Paperwhite/Hyacinth Halo Vases (no bulbs) 18 $3.95

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