LYCORIS available August until November. bulbs price
Item Size per box per box
Lycoris Squamigera
Lycoris Squamigera (Naked Lady lily) 10/up 25 $93.75
Lycoris red wtih pat
Lycoris Red Radiata (Surprise Lily) 8/up 25 $74.75
Lycoris Yellow Spider
Licoris Yellow Spider Aurea 10/up 25 $123.75

3 Responses to Lycoris-Fall21

  1. says:

    could you tell me what is the best time to plant lycoris and when should I expect them to you have any available….Thank you,
    Clara O’Shea

    • tulipking3 says:

      Lycoris is best planted in August and September. Could be planted later in the fall but might not bloom the first year.
      Bulbs in all 3 colors are available right now!

  2. What zone are lycoris? I am in zone 5. I have not received my Fall or spring catalog yet. Can you be sure I am on the list.Thank you, Robbie Geboy Avant Garden 622 Main St. Delafield, WI 53018

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