Dutch Iris-Fall

Dutch and Miniature Iris are available from September to December.


IRIS Dutch
Item Size Units Price

Ductch Iris Bronze Queen

Bronze Queen

Bronze Queen 8/9 250 $47.50

Dutch Iris Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest 8/9 250 $47.50

Dutch Iris Imperator


Imperator 8/9 250 $47.50

Dutch Iris Mixed

Mixed Dutch

Mixed Dutch Iris 8/9 250 $47.50

Dutch Iris Professor Blauw

Professor Blaux

Professor Blauw 8/9 250 $47.50

Dutch Iris White Excelsior

White Excelsior

White Excelsior 8/9 250 $47.50

Iris Miniature Danfordiaea


Miniature Danfordiae 6/7 250 $50.00

Iris Miniature Purple Gem

Purple Gem

Miniature Purple Gem 6/7 250 $47.50

Iris Miniature Reticulata


Miniature Reticulata 6/7 250 $47.50

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