All Anemones are available from September until January.  The DeCean and St. Brigid varieties are also available from February until June. Soak all Anemones in water overnight for best results!

Item Size Units Price/each
 Anemone Blanda Mix
Blanda Mixed 6/up 250 $0.15
 Anemone Blue Shades
Blanda Blue Shades 6/up 100 $0.20
 Anemone Pink Star
Blanda Pink Star 6/up 100 $0.36
 Anemone White Splendour
Blanda White Splendour 6/up 100 $0.26
 Anemone St Brigid Mix
St Brigid Double Mixed 8/9 250 $0.24
 Anemone Admirall
St Brigid Admiral 8/9 100 $0.28
 Aneomone Governor
St Brigid Governor 8/9 100 $0.28
 Anemone Lord Lieutenant
St Brigid Lord Lieutenant 8/9 100 $0.28
 Anemone Mount Everest
St Brigid Mount Everest 8/9 100 $0.28
 Anemone DeCaen Mix
DeCaen Single Mixed 8/9 250 $0.23
 Anemone Hollandia
DeCaen Hollandia 8/9 100 $0.28
 Anemone Mr Fokker
DeCaen Mr Fokker 8/9 100 $0.28
 Anemone Sylphide
DeCaen Sylphide 8/9 100 $0.28
DeCaen The Bride white 8/9 100 $0.28













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