All Anemones are available from September until January.

The DeCaen {single) and St. Brigid (double) varieties are also available from February until May.

Soak all Anemones in water overnight for best results!

Check with the office 1 800 999 0567 for availability.

Price/ bulb Price per box

Anemone Blanda Mix

Blanda Mixed

Blanda Mixed    250 per box      size 6/up                   Sept/Dec only
Blanda Mixed $0.15 ea 250/bx $37.50
 Anemone Blue Shades  Blanda              Blue shades 6/+
Blanda Blue Shades $0.21 100/bx $21.00
Blanda Pink Star $0.37 100/bx $37.00
 Anemone White Splendour Blanda              White Splendour 6/+

White Splendour

$0.27 100/bx $27.00
 Anemone St Brigid Mix  St. Brigid     Double Mixed Size 8/+
St Brigid        Double Mixed $0.24 250/bx $24.00
 Anemone Admirall  St. Brigid Double Admiral purple 8/+
St Brigid Admiral $0.28 100 $28.00
 Aneomone Governor  St Brigid Governer Red 8/+
St Brigid Governor $0.28 100 $28.00
 Anemone Lord Lieutenant  St Brigid         Lord Lieutenant 8/+
St Brigid             Lord Lieutenant $0.28 100/bx $28.00
 Anemone Mount Everest  St.Brigid         Mount Everest 8/+


St Brigid         Mount Everest $0.28 100/bx $28.00
 Anemone DeCaen Mix  DeCaen          Single Mixed 8/+
DeCaen            Single Mixed $0.23 250/bx $57.50
 Anemone Hollandia  DeCaen        Hollandia red  8/+
DeCaen Hollandia $0.28 100/bx $28.00
 Anemone Mr Fokker  DeCean              Mr. Fokker Blue 8/+
DeCaen Mr Fokker $0.28 100/bx $28.00
 Anemone Sylphide  DeCean         Sylphide 8/+
DeCaen Sylphide $0.28 100/bx $28.00
 TheBride_sm  DeCean             The Bride Single white 8/+
DeCaen                The Bride white $0.28 100/bx $28.00













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