Alliums are in the onion family and are available from September until January. Larger quantities are available,  call or email the office.

ALLIUM bulbs per price per
Item Size box box
 Allium Albopiloseum
Albopilosum 12/up 100 $53.00
Allium atropurpureum
Atropureum NEW 10/up 100 $61.00
20150422-Allium Cameleon IMG_5159
Cameleon NEW 4/up 250 $60.00
 Allium Gigantium
Giganteum 20/up 15 $59.70
 Allium Gladiator
Gladiator 20/up 15 $46.50
 Allium Globemaster
Globemaster 20/up 15 $70.50
Hair 5/up 100 $31.00
 Allium Moly
Moly 5/up 250 $27.50
 Allium Neapolitanum
Neopolitanum 4/up 250 $27.50
 Allium Ostroskianum
Ostrowskianum 5/up 250 $20.00
 Allium Purple Sensation
Purple Sensation 12/up 100 $49.00
 Allium Siculum Bulgaricum
Siculum (Bulgaricum) 8/up 100 $29.00
 Allium Sphaerocephalum Drumstick
Sphaerocephalum (Drumstick) 5/6 250 $27.50

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