Alliums are in the onion family and are available from September until January. Larger quantities are available,  call or email the office.


Item Size Units Price/ea
 Allium Albopiloseum
Albopilosum 12/up 100 $0.49
Allium atropurpureum
Atropurpureum NEW 10/up 100 $0.48
20150422-Allium Cameleon IMG_5159
Cameleon NEW 4/up 250 $0.22
 Allium Gigantium
Giganteum 20/up 15 $3.50
 Allium Gladiator
Gladiator 20/up 15 $2.99
 Allium Globemaster
Globemaster 20/up 15 $4.27
Hair 5/up 100 $0.28
 Allium Moly
Moly 5/up 250 $0.15
 Allium Neapolitanum
Neopolitanum 4/up 250 $0.15
Allium Ostara
Ostara NEW 12/up 25 $1.49
 Allium Ostroskianum
Ostrowskianum 5/up 250 $0.15
 Allium Purple Sensation
Purple Sensation 12/up 100 $0.45
 Allium Siculum Bulgaricum
Siculum (Bulgaricum) 8/up 100 $0.29
 Allium Sphaerocephalum Drumstick
Sphaerocephalum (Drumstick) 5/6 250 $0.15



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